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The online courses are aimed at people already engaged in an artistic practice and wishing to obtain a critical follow-up on their production or wishing to be guided throughout the process of creating one or more pictorial works.


- Lead strategies of personalized artistic language in your work.

- Deepen theoretical knowledge as well as receive practical advice on

composition analysis,
coloristic structure analysis and the like.

- Help find your own artistic painting style.

- Sharpen the critical sense on your own creation.



These meetings can be structured around various projects:


- Preparation of an exhibition
- Work in progress in an art school
- Realization of personal works
- One-off consultations


To know the availability of the courses and the costs.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any further information via my contact page.




Since 1982, I have participated in more than a hundred exhibitions.


I have been practicing my artistic career full time since 2006.


I taught in a school environment at CEFEO,

Eastern Ontario Education and Training Center,

the Visual Art program,

(Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum),

secondary level, grades 11 and 12, arts education.


In the same establishment I taught courses to adults day and evening in oil painting.


I also gave art workshops (musical instrument project from recycling) in schools in Quebec, libraries, summer camp.


Various projects among others (workshop of recycled musical instruments) for Canada Day at Confederation Park in Ottawa.


I teach oil painting from my studio,

(group and private lessons) for over 10 years.

My clientele is mainly adults.

My specialty is helping people to walk towards their own pictorial style with confidence and authenticity.

A well-being that helps the creative process in an individual approach.





For more than fifteen years I have devoted myself to painting and followed courses throughout his years with more or less satisfaction.

Lately I got to know Nathalie Frenière who has

agreed to give me tailor-made courses according to my needs,

after only 4 lessons of 2 hours I learned a lot more

than all my other courses combined. She gave me new

and precious technique in addition to giving me confidence and how

improvise by giving emotion, depth as well as

the use of colors in my works.

Therefore if you want to take really rewarding courses I recommend it


Jean L Gagnon

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