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Nathalie Frenière was born in 1967 in Montreal. From an early age she develops her creativity in drawing and music.


She studied graphic design at Salette College (Montreal) and worked for 15 years as a graphic designer.

She participated in various painting workshops in Montreal and practiced different techniques of great masters in Paris.

Since 2006, she has devoted herself to her artistic career and gives private painting lessons from her studio.


Her work has been shown in galleries and museums, and has traveled to exhibitions in Canada, the USA, Brazil and Europe.


She has participated in numerous exhibitions, particularly in Brazil for the Bola Show, at the FIFA exhibition project for which she represented Ontario. She also showed at the Mont-Saint-Hilaire Museum of Fine Arts, Quebec, with two notable artists, Marcelle Ferron and Marcel Barbeau, as well as other great Canadian painters.


She is the recipient of several awards including the 2014 Woman of the Year Award in the Prescott-Russell Region, Ontario.

She is a jury member for the Ontario Arts Council (OAC).


She has been appearing since 2015 at the Biennial Directory of Canadian Artists in galleries of Magazin'art. An article about his work appeared in the magazine Magazin'art in the summer of 2015.

Her oil paintings exude a quiet, calming atmosphere. She uses a palette knife and thinned oil to create vaporous, enigmatic, abstract vistas. At once representational and abstract.





My main source of inspiration has its origins in the concept of freedom of movement. Indeed, it is without restraint that I give free rein to gestures and spontaneity. 


The canvas is the screen onto which I project what I am experiencing and the part of myself that I want to express.

I am not trying to reproduce nature but an interpretation of my inner gaze, like a pictorial dream.


The many landscapes that nature offers have always fascinated and challenged my imagination. Memories of childhood and various journeys also remind me of the beauty of these aspects of my life, they guide me in my creative work. 

I also seek to convey the fragility of the environment while expressing serenity.


I paint in oils and occasionally use India ink which I apply mainly with a spatula in superimposed layers.

My technique creates vaporous effects where I let abstraction and figuration fade one into the other.

I play with the light, the contrast and the vibrancy of color.

This allows me, with hindsight from the easel, to see what needs to be revealed.



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